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Expert Dental Care with No
Unnecessary Additives

It’s no secret that it can be a challenge to get kids to brush their teeth. That’s why you’ll see all sorts of children’s dental products from toothpaste to mouthwash in a rainbow of fun colors! However, have you ever thought about where those tantalizing hues come from? The truth is, many of them contain artificial coloring. While that may not mean much to some parents, it may mean the world to you if your little one has an allergy or sensitivity to popular artificial coloring options like Red #4 or Yellow #5. There is also a growing concern that these synthetic dyes are linked to behavioral changes in children like aggression and a lack of focus.

At Limestone Dentistry, your child’s dental and overall health is of utmost importance. That’s why we’re proud to offer expert dental care with no unnecessary additives like artificial coloring, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for your little ones. To learn more about our dye-free children’s dentistry, read on or give us a call today!

Why Choose Limestone Dentistry for Dye-Free Dentistry

  • #1 Your Child’s Health & Comfort Are Our Focus
  • #2 We Use Dye-Free Cleaning Polish, Fluoride, and More
  • #3 Our Family-Run Dental Office Is Calming

How Do Artificial Dyes Affect Children?

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Artificial food dyes are found in all sorts of things, including candy, sports drinks, cereal, fruit snacks, and yes, dental products like toothpaste and mouthwash. While these dyes may appear harmless, they can sometimes cause adverse health or behavioral reactions in children.

Some children are allergic to artificial food dyes. Just like children with sensitivities to certain types of metals, these allergic reactions demand adjustments in everyday life. Many parents search high and low to create a dye-free diet to keep their little ones healthy and comfortable.

Other parents dedicate their home to dye-free diets due to behavioral reactions. Scientists have examined the relationship between food coloring and ADHD or aggression for decades. While no conclusive evidence has shown that these are linked, numerous anecdotal accounts have convinced parents to adopt this lifestyle for their own children.

Dyes & Dentistry

Smiling girl pointing to her teeth after dye-free children’s dentistry in Jeffersonville

Artificial food dyes can be present in nearly anything that ends up in the mouth. Even traditional dental treatments such as routine checkups and cleanings typically involve the use of dyes and artificial coloring.  But not at Limestone Dentistry! To ensure the health and wellbeing of your little one, our office only uses dye-free products and materials. From our prophy paste to our fluoride treatments, you’ll find no unnecessary artificial additives. If you have any concerns, we invite you to give our office a call- as parents ourselves, we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

Our Dentistry-Approved Recommendations

Father teaching son to put dye-free toothpaste in Jeffersonville on toothbrush

We’ve got you covered for dye-free dentistry for your child at our office, but what about in-between appointments! If you’re interested in choosing dye-free dental products for your little one, feel free to ask us in-person during your child’s next appointment for personalized recommendations. Additionally, we recommend dye-free products like:

  • Tom’s of Main Children’s Anticavity Fluoride Rinse and Toothpaste, Silly Strawberry
  • Orajel Kids Paw Patrol Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste
  • Hello Kids Unicorn Splash Mouthwash and Unicorn Sparkle Kids Fluoride Toothpaste
  • Firefly Kids L.O.L. SURPRISE! Anticavity Natural Fluoride Toothpaste Dispenser