Behind the Scenes at Limestone Dentistry – Jeffersonville, IN

Experience the Inner Workings of Our Dental Practice

What makes our family-focused dental office special? It’s not just the cutting-edge technology we use or our wide variety of treatments. It’s our honest, friendly, and hardworking team! From the front desk to the dental chair, every individual here at Limestone Dentistry plays a vital role in creating a comfortable and efficient experience for our valued patients. Our team goes the extra mile every day behind the scenes to take great care of your oral health. We invite you to read on and take a closer look at the inner workings of our practice! 

Our Front Desk: The Gateway to Your Dental Experience

Smiling woman on the phone at the front desk of a dental practice

As the smiling face of our dental practice, you’ll find our dedicated front desk team ready to greet you with a warm welcome and assist you throughout your visit. As your first point of contact with Limestone Dentistry, they are dedicated to ensuring you feel at home and well-informed during your visit. In fact, they are hard at work before you even step foot inside our office!

Our front desk team can verify your insurance benefits, request X-rays from your previous dentist, and upload your electronic paperwork all before you even arrive for your appointment. Additionally, they can run estimates on your treatment plans to provide valuable cost information. You’ll find they work diligently to ensure that every patient is well-informed and at-ease throughout their visit. 

Our Dentist: Your Oral Health Advocate

Jeffersonville dentist showing a patient an X-ray

Our highly skilled and experienced dentist Dr. Eric Thornton, DMD is the core of our dental practice. He is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care for all ages and acts as your personal oral health advocate. Behind the scenes, Dr. Thornton has undergone years of education and has advanced training in specialty topics such as dental implants and Invisalign. 

Before your appointment, Dr. Thornton reviews every patient chart, past exam notes, correspondences with other specialists and past/current X-rays to ensure your appointment is as thorough as it can be. Once the day gets started, his schedule is filled with thorough examinations, diagnosing issues, and creating custom treatment plans. He utilizes his years of experience to provide a wide range of services for each specific patient, from routine teeth cleanings and fillings to more complex procedures like dental implants. After all the appointments are done for the day, he will spend several more hours documenting your appointment, on the phone consulting specialists and/or reading complex CBCT scans taken in office to treatment plan surgeries. 

The amount of hours spent on your case when you are not in the chair cannot be overstated here at Limestone Dentistry in Jeffersonville, IN. 

Our Team: Collaborating for Your Dental Care 

Overhead shot of a dental team in Jeffersonville discussing patient charts

Our practice is comprised of a dedicated team of dental hygienists, dental assistants, and other support staff who all work in harmony to ensure your dental care journey is seamless, comfortable, and effective. They work closely with Dr. Thornton to play an integral role in treatments and procedures. Plus, they provide you with valuable tips and recommendations about proper oral hygiene practices during your appointment, guiding you to maintain a healthy smile for years to come. 

Every morning all of our team members meet together to review the day to ensure your appointment goes smoothly and runs on time. 

Our Community: Giving Back to Jeffersonville

Closeup of multiple hands put together in a symbol of community

At Limestone Dentistry, we take pride in being a part of our local community both as dental professionals and fellow citizens. For example, we’ve spoken to the University of Louisville School of Dentistry to inspire and educate future dental healthcare professionals. Additionally, we have supported patient-run, community-focused organizations such as “Samaritan’s Pursed Christmas Child Operation” and donate to the Angel Tree Christmas program through the Salvation Army.  We regularly give back to our community in meaningful and practical ways that we and our patients truly believe in.